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Property Management concept image with business icons.
Property Management concept image with business icons.

Project Management Tips for Property Managers

When a building is going to undergo a substantial scope of work for a capital needs project or even just improvements that are primarily aesthetic, property managers need to prepare thoroughly. Here are some of the most important things that you should do to mitigate the risk of complications or setbacks.

Review Conditions Carefully 

It is imperative that anyone who is helping you design plans has access to all relevant construction drawings that show existing infrastructure for systems which cannot or should not be altered. You really need to obtain blueprints from any recent projects as well as a building’s construction in order to ascertain the location of wiring, plumbing, and ductwork. For the most part it is best to work around existing infrastructure rather than attempt to alter it in order to accommodate your design.

Ensure Compliance With Life and Safety Regulations

Every element of the design for a scope of work must give adequate consideration to requirements as well as limitations imposed by local fire code. You need to give thought to regulations about egress in addition to door ratings and sprinkler systems. You can reach out to a fire protection company San Diego CA that has experience working with fire inspectors in your county.

Practice Good Communication With Residents

Be sure to stay in constant communication with residents about what is happening in the building. Giving people as much notice as possible about work that will create a disturbance enables them to plan around it.

Even if you hire a third party as a project manager or owner’s representative  for extensive work in a building, investors, unit owners, or renters will ultimately assign accountability to the building’s management team. Recognizing some of the most important factors that will influence the outcome of the project enables property managers to adequately prepare and avoid unnecessary surprises. 

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