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Paula Jamie Salvosa airs side on viral ‘Amalayer’ video

Paula Jamie Salvosa has spoken up and faced the camera for an interview regarding the viral and controversial video which showed her shouting at a lady guard in LRT 2 Santolan station.

In an interview with News5’s “Andar Ng Mga Balita” with anchors Jove Francisco and Grace Lee, Salvosa told the details on what really happened that day.

She said the lady guard, named Sharon Mae Casinas, was the first one who shouted at her when she failed to put her bag on the conveyor of the x-ray machine.

“‘Miss, pakilagay ‘yung bag mo sa machine!’ Ganun po ‘yung tono,” Salvosa said. “So parang ako, inaamin ko naman po, sumigaw din ako, sabi ko ‘What’s your problem?’ Sabi ko ‘You don’t have to shout at me.'”

Salvosa said she then placed her bag on the conveyor, but when she reached the end of the machine to get her bag, Casinas then grabbed her arm and said “Miss ano’ng problema mo?” The lady guard also told Salvosa to go to their [administration] office.

Salvosa then freaked out as shown in the video. “Nung dumating na ‘yung supervisor niya, sabi nito ‘Ma’am ano po ba ang nangyayari?’ pero ‘yung lady guard po biglang maamo na maamo na po ‘yung mukha nya. Tapos sabi niya sa’ken, ‘Ma’am hindi ko po kayo sinisigawan. Ma’am hindi ko po kayo hinablot.’ Dun po ako lalong nagalit. Dun ko na po nasabi yung ‘So you’re making me look like a liar?’,” Salvosa explained.

Salvosa also cleared reports that she asked Casinas to kneel in front of her as an apology. “Sabi ko, ‘I want you to apologize to me, in front of everybody’ but never ko pong sinabi na lumuhod siya sa harapan ko. At never ko rin po siyang siniko. Ako po ‘yung nagkaroon ng bruise and I can prove it to you.”

Salvosa, who claims she is a victim of cyberbullying, said she had shut down her Facebook and Twitter accounts after she learned of the viral video.

She also said she regrets freaking out in public and said sorry, but insisted it was only triggered because she was hurt by the lady guard.

“Pero wala po akong sinaktan. Wala akong minura. Sana naman po maging open-minded tayo,” she said.

She also said she plans to file a case against Gregory Paulo Llamaso, who uploaded the video, if someone wants to help her.

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