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Nokia to have WP7 On Their Devices

Nokia and Microsoft have had discussions about possible WP7-based Nokia device

In his weekly op-ed, mobile godhead Eldar Murtazin announced that Nokia has been in talks with Microsoft to possibly develop a device based on the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

“This two way dialogue was initiated by new Nokia management,” Murtazin writes. “It’s a desperate measure for both companies. This is their only solution to stop an all conquering Android.”

Nokia’s tribulations have been well-documented here on DT [1] [2] [3]. And while Nokia has not commented on the alleged discussions with Microsoft, it seems particularly plausible considering Nokia’s new CEO is a former Microsoft exec.

Nokia Wp7

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop recently released an internal memo (which was leaked) that talked about how badly Nokia needs to rethink their strategy since Apple and Android have left them behind in the high end smartphone category. iOS and Android are far superior than any version of Symbian so it’s not surprising that Nokia is being left behind. Anyway, shortly after his memo, various tech blogs and websites said that Nokia is thinking of either using Microsoft’s Windows 7 Mobile OS or Google’s Android. According to the latest reports from Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal, it looks like we will be seeing Windows 7 Mobile OS powered Nokia handsets soon.

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