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Meeting Metrics

Determining a Large Gathering’s Impact on Its Listeners

Mankind has used large gatherings and conventions for hundreds of years as a way of transmiting information to large groups of people. The end goal has always been to invoke a reaction from the individuals listening to the message being delivered. In most cases, modern meetings serve two purposes. They are either designed to inform the audience or to sell to the audience. Event planners are interested in knowing if they effectively delivered their message. They are concerned about their Return on Event(REO).

To this end, businesses have sprung up that focus on measuring the effect a meeting has on the audience. They look at it from the psychological standpoint and evaluate how it affects the future behavior of the audience. Marketers are interested in whether or not the information presented at a meeting encouraged the listeners to buy. Fortune 500 companies that invite their associates to meetings are interested in measuring how the meetings they had affected productivity and group morale.

In order to do this, companies like Meeting Metrics for example use state-of-the-art online evaluation survey forms, which invite the survey taker to click here if they liked a particular aspect of the meeting, or to click there if they did not. These online surveys are used in conjunction with a host of other evaluation products and techniques.

The information that companies that measure Return on Event are then able to provide their clients with the statistics they need to judge the effectiveness of their event and to make changes in the future that will make their event more cost-effective and have a greater impact on its listeners.

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