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The Man With a Half Body | Fathering a Child

Despite only having half a body, Kenny Easterday insists he can live the life of a normal man.

Now he appears to have proved it after claiming he has fathered a child.

Easterday, 35, was born with a rare condition called sacral agenesis, which prevented his spine from developing normally.

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Defying the odds: Kenny Easterday is living a normal life beyond expectations in Virginia inspite of The Man With a Half Body.

When he was just six months old, doctors amputated Kenny’s legs and used part of his shinbone to complete his partially-formed spine.

Kenny is so small he can fit inside a suitcase but that hasn’t stopped him playing pool, bowling, working – or having a love life with fianceé Nicky, 33.

As a child Kenny starred in the 1988 film, The Kid Brother, a dramatised version of his early life.
Kenny was not expected to live past 21.

As a boy Kenny was offered prosthetic legs but he hated wearing them and preferred to use his hands or a skateboard to get around.

‘My dad pretty much taught me how to walk on my hands,’ said Kenny, from West Virginia, USA. I am used to call The Man with a half body

‘If I’m handicapped it’s because of these damn legs,’ Kenny said in the film as he pushes over his prosthetic legs.The Man With a Half Body

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