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Man wasn’t allowed to buy an ISUZU Dmax because, he wears simple clothing

We believe that we need not to state the obvious. Human beings as we are, we are supposed to know the cliche quotation that goes: “Do not judge a book bt its cover.” However, We think that the Sales Agents of Isuzu in Bacolod failed to get the lesson. And We thought that maybe, they weren’t trained for this. Or what not.

Read the story of a man who was (more of like refused) by the aforementioned brand on that specific branch failed to entertain him because, he was wearing a they so-called “commoners” ensemble.

His name is Reinhard Celis and he wanted to buy an Isuzu DMAX truck. However, he is only wearing a simple clothing which made the staff of Isuzu in Bacolod ignored him. “Tsktsk sad”
Reinhard Celis, also know as Chef Jun Celis is a famous chef who is, at the same time the owner of the Virgelio’s Grill Chain of restaurants. He is also a Culinary consultant for many hotels and restaurants here and abroad. Wait up! I almost forgot to mention that he is also a director of a culinary school.

Chef Celis, posted in his Facebook account him, being dismayed, and I quote:

“I wanted to buy Isuzu DMAX then I went to Isuzu company but the sad story is they don’t intertain me of what I wear, pasapasahan ko Nila salesman ky gin Ina gid Nila ang naka attire nga ga check man car,I approach the front desk to ask how much is the DMAX 4×4 and she answer me with a nonsense and to keep me wait for more than 5mnts,I ask the security why they don’t entertain people just wearing simple dress and slipper?the guard just give a smile,this is what I wear when I went their,so I came back home sad,after a while I call my bank to deliver me strada pick up sports,after 2hrs it’s here in front of me,learn and lesson for this people,don’t ever judge your neighbor,they can look after your house while you are not around,wahahaha,now I have my new strada sports pick up truck.”

Chef Celis is a very simple and humble man but is certainly one of the most respective person in the culinary line. He went to the store of Isuzu in Bacolod only wearing a simple shorts and plain blue shirt with an unbranded slippers. He was too eager to have an Isuzu DMAX for himself. Since such type of car is the first car who caught his attention. But then the receptionist, guard and the other staff from the building only ridiculed him after asking how much the car is worth.

I wanted to buy Isuzu DMAX then I went to Isuzu company but the sad story is they don't intertain me of what I…Posted by Reinhard Celis on Thursday, July 2, 2015

However , he managed to kept his calm. Though if we can just read between the lines, we will know he really is disappointed. Because of this, instead of pursuing such Isuzu DMAX, Chef Celis Called his bank and he ordered a Mitsubishi Strada and had it delivered on his house.

Chef Celis posted thus incident to let us know that we shouldn’t judge anyone by their physical appearance. The facade is only a cover up so, let’s try to atleast answer inquiries the best way. And as for ISUZU, I am hoping this will serve as a lesson for you and your staff to be more accommodating and to at the least improve your hospitality no matter what your visitor/customer looks like. Let us once again, not judge the book by its cover.

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