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What to Look for in a Motorcycle Hire in Perth

Hitting the road on a motorcycle is a wondrous experience, but owning a motorcycle isn’t always realistic or logical. That’s why so many people love being able to hire a motorcycle for their road fun. But what should you look for in a motorcycle hire in Perth? We’ve put together a list that should help you determine whether the motorcycle hire you’re looking at is worth your time and investment.


  1. Compare your companies. Don’t just settle on one motorcycle hire. Compare each company like for like (meaning available models, equipment, mileage allowance, insurance, coverage and more).
  2. Where are the motorcycles serviced? This is important, as motorcycle safety is paramount. You want to know where these bikes are serviced (for example, by an authorized dealer), so that you can rest assured that the machine you’re about to ride is in optimal shape and condition.
  3. What’s the age of the motorcycles? Ideally you’ll find a motorcycle hire company that only offers the latest models. That’s because rented motorcycles tend to incur high mileage quickly.
  4. Get to know about the insurance. Is there fire insurance? Theft insurance? What options are available to you, and what’s absolutely mandatory? Compare and contrast each company’s insurance policies.
  5. What if your bike breaks down? It happens – a motorcycle breakdown. What then? Will your motorcycle hire help to bring you to the nearest garage? Will you get a replacement vehicle?
  6. One-way rentals. Does your motorcycle hire company offer one-way rentals? You may or may not need this, but it’s always good to know, just in case your travel plans require it.


When renting a motorcycle, we recommend that you tell the company the mileage you are likely to cover. This will help the company guide you toward the best bike for your needs as well as to decide if new tires must be fitted prior to your rental. Most motorcycle enthusiasts living in (or visiting) Perth put their faith and trust in West Coast Motorcycle Hire for their motorcycle hire needs in Perth. With a massive inventory of the latest bike models, endless positive testimonials, and a friendly motorcycle hiring process, there’s good reason why they’ve become the go-to name for motorcycle rentals. Come see their models, and learn how easy it is to get going on your very own motorcycle, by visiting them at http://westcoastmotorcyclehire.com.au/.

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