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LMAO Off-Broadway

LMAO Off-Broadway
LMAO Off-Broadway is a group of extremely talented, versatile performers that take audience suggestions and create skits around them ON THE SPOT. (They sing, dance, rap–you name it!) They will ask members of the audience to come up and participate, so you never know what to expect. I see this show every time I visit NYC and each time have had…

LMAO Off-Broadway

Surviving every test possible, LMAO is the off broadway show presented by the popular improv troupe “Eight is NEVER Enough”. Now in it’s 9th season, this troupe presents a hilarious interactive musical comedy revue at the Times Square Arts Center. The cast delivers high energy, non-stop hilarity as it navigates today’s hot topics through original song and sketch comedy. You never know when a celebrity, politician or author will take possession of a performer provoking uproarious laughter from the audience. With sharp wit and improvisation, the cast adjusts to a dizzying mix of challenges from the audience including original skits and musicals made up from scratch complete with spot on rhythm and rhymes. Recommended for ages 6 and up, the humor ranges from slapstick silly to sophisticated wordplay.

LMAO Off-Broadway

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