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Kabang New Look After Surgery

Kabang New Look After Surgery

Kabang New Look After Surgery

After being released on Tuesday from the University of California (UC) Davis in the United States where she was treated for eight months, Philippine hero dog Kabang is now sporting a “new look.”

Kabang still does not have a full snout after undergoing reconstructive surgery but it now looks more symmetrical.

Kabang underwent a five-hour surgery at the UC Davis in March to repair her disfigured face, the group “Care for Kabang” said.

The group spearheaded efforts to raise $20,000 (roughly P800,000) needed for the hero dog’s surgery and other medical procedures.

In April, the group said UC Davis will not be releasing any photos of Kabang until she is completely healed.

The reconstructive surgery closed the gaping wound Kabang sustained after she lost her snout and upper jaw as she tried to save two young girls from being run over by a motorcycle in 2011.

Kabang’s doctors earlier explained that the operation was not for aesthetic purposes but for health reasons — to prevent infection from Kabang’s wounds.

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