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Janitorial Services

There’s more to janitorial services than a mop hitting the floor. Environmental concerns and new technologies have taken commercial cleaning service to a new level. Janitorial Services combines today’s technology with more than 100 years of innovative experience. That means we can offer you a full range of solutions based on your individual needs – at one site or for multiple locations nationwide.

General janitor duties often include the following tasks:

  • Cleaning and restocking bathrooms
    • Sinks
    • Toilets
    • Urinals
    • Floor cleaning, refinishing, and polishing (sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and buffing)
    • Clearing garbage bins
    • Restocking restroom paper products and other supplies such as feminine products and air fresheners
    • Cleaning mirrors
  • Cleaning floors (mopping, sweeping, polishing)
  • Carpet cleaning (dry method, extraction, steam and bonnet)
  • Cleaning (vacuuming) carpeting
  • Cleaning stainless steel and other special surfaces
  • Clearing lunch room/kitchen
  • Cleaning tables in cubicles, meeting rooms, etc…
  • Emptying trash and recycling bin
  • Unlocking and locking buildings at the beginning and end of the day
  • Stripping and waxing floors using Floor buffer
  • Cleaning air-conditioner vents
  • Crime scene cleaning (requires being fully certified and pay scale starts from $300.00 to $700.00+ an hour)
  • Litter picking
  • Spot cleaning (generally spills – coffee for instance)
  • Sanitization
  • Room setups (college/schools, etc.)
  • Porterage (internal deliveries; movement of equipment or people in hospitals)
  • Removing vomit and feces from public areas

Some business owners are leery of hiring an outside company, but you can rest assured that we only hire the best staff members available. We know that your business is important, so when one of our staff members comes to clean your office, they’ll be dressed in easily identifiable uniforms that are professional. Furthermore, we are fully bonded and insured.

Make the right choice and choose Mid-City Cleaning when you are looking for corporate janitorial services. We are proud to provide you with corporate janitorial services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs, as well as the rest of the Minnesota area. You can call us at (763) 571-9056 to inquire about our availability and receive a free estimate for our cleaning services.

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