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Instagram’s richest kid gets arrested for selling stolen iPhone; couldn’t pay $30,000 bail

Dubbed as the ‘richest kid on Instagram’, Param Sharma loves to flaunt his wealth by taking photos of his gadgets and money. Using the handle ‘itslavishbitch’, Sharma enjoys sharing photos of his many iPhones — but was jailed after trying to sell a stolen one on Craigslist, reports the Daily Mail UK.

Sharma told the police he was only requested by a friend to make the listing and sell the iPhone on Craigslist, but he was arrested and charged for the crime, anyway. The case was not even theft or robbery, but only that of misdemeanor yet the court slapped him with a $30,000 bail because they are aware of his antics on Instagram.

Aside from showing off his wealth on the social media site, he also has engaged in verbal wars with many people, including celebrities. He would tag celebrities in his posts, even going too far and calling them ‘peasants’ along with the rest of the public.

Andrew Shalaby, his lawyer, was saddened over his client’s fate, saying the $30,000 bail was a ridiculous sum for such a ‘simple crime’ Sharma has committed, he told BuzzFeed.

What’s quite shocking for Sharma, however, was not the bail which he apparently couldn’t afford to pay despite his wealth, but the two weeks he spent in the psychiatric ward of Santa Rita Jail because of a bureaucratic mix-up. One of the inmates there even tried to kill him.

Convicted last August 18, he was sentenced to 90 days in prison, a sentence he is currently serving because he could not pay the sum, despite his purported wealth. This fact led many of his 400,000+ followers to speculate whether he was just trolling them on previous Instagram posts where he flaunts his wealth

Sharma not just shows off his supposed wealth, but actually tags celebrities and known personalities.

In a post flaunting his 150K diamond encrusted watch, he mocked Floyd Mayweather, telling the boxer his watches are ‘cheap and low class’. In another one ostentatiously parading designer bags, he tagged both Kim and Khloe Kardashian, calling them ‘peasants’.

When the iPhone 5 came out, he was too pleased with himself over getting the gold edition, boasting, “Keep waiting in line, peasants”.

A lot are laughing at him now because of his iPhone crime, also telling him he’s going to miss the iPhone 6’s release because he couldn’t even afford to pay his own bail. Who’s laughing at peasants now?

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