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How to: Get Traffic To Your Blog

Bottom line of most of your answers is you need traffic on your blog. We feel inspired to see our Blog getting more and more traffic and that lead us continue our journey as a Blogger.

How to get traffic, there lots of way around for this but how to get “quality traffic” has limited way around. Social community for Bloggers can send you quality traffic to your Blog.

Some of you might disappointed at some point that it not really working for you, at least as you hoped. Why it’s failed for you?

Lets point out few things – that way Bloggers can support each other and your hope for the traffic fulfilled.

# Your Visibility

Make sure you have a better avatar/display picture for your account. Sign into your account regular basis. We have busy schedule but make room for Bloggers friends based on your time.

# Make Friend

Find people who have similar interest you have. Vote for them, let them know you’re alike. Try to post a “review” for their Blog. Start to follow them.

Your journey began now. You’ve friends, you found Blogs you like. If you stops here- you missed the aspect of supporting your fellow bloggers and therefore you missing their support for you.

# Comment on Blog

Do comment on blog post, as your time permit, regular basis. Tell them you’re with them, your like/dislike regarding their new posts.

# Vote and comment on Bloggers

Why this is important? This will improve both your and your friend’s visibility on Bloggers. More people will notice and join with you.

# Tweet and Stumble

If you do not have twitter account you should create one. If you have Stumbleupon account, that’s a plus. And if you have Facebook- that’s great.

Promote Blog post of your friends by posting tweet, re-tweet. After comment on their blog you can tweet that link too. Those helps your friends to get more traffic and readers. And your support will lead them keep a good relation with you by doing same for you.

You making a group of friends who support each other. This way every blog of your group gets multiple promoter and gets quality attention from the Social sphere.

It doesn’t matter if Blogging your hobby or you trying to making money off from it. Your social network will lead reasons to keep it going. Tons of friends around the world will make you feel proud. And your fun time will make sure more and more traffic to your Blog.

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