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6 Clever Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

6 Clever Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Despite dedicating countless hours to publishing informative, entertaining articles, you might have limited web traffic. If so, you might need to look for marketing tactics that will organically increase your readership and customer base.

If you want to drive a substantial amount of traffic to your site in 2021, here are six clever ways to increase traffic to your blog.

  1. Find Your Competitors’ Traffic Sources

If you’re scratching your head about your competitors’ success, it might be due to their powerful traffic sources. If your rivals are enjoying much success online, dig into their various backlinks. You can then attempt to secure links and referrals from the same channels to increase your traffic and generate a healthier revenue.

  1. Promote Content in an Email Signature

If you aren’t using an email signature, you’re making a big mistake. It cannot only help your business to establish a brand identity and encourage engagement, but it could boost web traffic. Email signatures are an ideal place for promoting insightful content, email newsletter sign-ups, company videos, eBook downloads, and much more. Take the time to create an attention-grabbing signature that will encourage people to visit your website.

  1. Incorporate Long-Tail Keywords

Larger, more established industry rivals might rank highly for various popular keywords, but there is still room for your business in the search engines. If your blog generates a small amount of traffic, you might need to incorporate long-tail keywords in your blog content. Most web searches feature long-tail keywords, which is why you’d be wise to target them. Think carefully about the type of questions your audience would search for in Google, and perform keyword research to find common questions and phrases.

  1. Invite People to Guest Post on Your Website

Invite people from within your niche to publish a guest post on your website. It will not only provide a new angle and improve your company’s credibility, but the author is likely to share it on their platforms, too. As a result, you could introduce many new readers to your blog and brand, who might become customers.

  1. Master Email Marketing

Don’t make the mistake of hitting publish and expecting a flurry of traffic on your blog. If you want people to read your articles and engage with your brand, you must be more proactive when it comes to content marketing.

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool, as a backlink in a newsletter could boost blog traffic. However, avoid bombarding your subscribers with many emails, as they could send them straight to their junk folders.

  1. Learn About Aggregator Sites

Reddit and aggregator sites can be fantastic sources of web traffic. However, its users are rather savvy when it comes to spam. If you often post links to your site, it won’t be long until your comments disappear. However, it is fine to post useful links now and again, but you must pick a relevant subreddit. Take the time to learn how each aggregator site works to boost your referral traffic.

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