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How to Flash custom firmware (CFW) for Nokia S60v5 devices

How to Flash custom firmware (CFW) for Nokia S60v5 devices Like 5800,X6,N97,5230 and C6 Using JAF

Read through the entire guide multiple times to get an idea of what’s needed. For additional safety, do this on your laptop or a desktop that’s connected to a UPS.

Disclaimer: While I’ve ensured that the guide is correct to the best of my knowledge, I take no responsibility if your phone gets bricked.

Windows XP. Use XP Compatibility mode under Vista/7.
Windows Installer 3.1 (pre-installed in 7)
.NET Framework 2.0 (pre-installed in 7)

Stuff to download:
1. Navifirm
2. JAF Flashing tool
3. JAF P-key emulator
4. Nokia Ovi Suite
5. Custom firmware for your phone. Personal recommendations based on stability and ease of use:
For 5800: appleorangefruit’s v6 CFW available HERE
For N97: naughtypope’s CFW available HERE

a. Start Navifirm, select your phone>latest firmware>Variant>download. For example:

My phone is a 5800 XpressMusic (RM-356) — I selected the latest firmware (v40) — Select the appropriate variant based on the country code — download all the files by clicking on “All” (if they aren’t already checked) and click on “Download from FiRe”.
NOTE: If you don’t know what a variant/product code is OR your product code doesn’t show up on the list of variants for the latest firmware version, click HERE to read all about it. You may need to change your product code before proceeding ahead.
b. Copy all firmware files you just downloaded to : “C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-356\” (substitute C: for whatever partition is your active one). Create the Phoenix\Products\RM-356 folder hierarchy if it doesn’t exist.

Copy the .fpsx CFW file that you downloaded in #5 above to the above folder. Basically, you have to overwrite the original .fpsx file that you downloaded from Navifirm. If the file that you downloaded from Navifirm has the file name (RM356_40.0.005_003_U302.uda.fpsx, just an example), then rename the custom firmware .fpsx file to the same RM356_40.0.005_003_U302.uda.fpsx in a temp directory and then overwrite.
c. Install JAF 1.98.62 (all default options)
d. Extract JAF P-key emulator to the desktop
e. Connect your phone in PC Suite mode
f. Start JAF P-key emulator and click on “GO”

g. You’ll get a warning/error box – “Box Driver not installed”. Click OK

h. JAF will start up. Select the BB5 tab. Uncheck “CRT 308”. Check “Manual Flash”, “Dead USB” and “Use INI”

i. From the pop up box that appears, select your phone model (5800XM RM-356 in my case)

j. You will see the MCU, PPM, CNT, APE Variant indicators turn green

k. Now turn off your phone. Click on the “FLASH” button in JAF, the software will search for the phone.

Press the power button briefly (don’t hold it), JAF should detect your phone and will start flashing. The actual process takes about a minute. Don’t play around with the phone or remove the USB cable since that can have disastrous results.
l. When the flashing process has completed, JAF will restart your phone and you’ll have the latest custom firmware installed!

m. When your phone restarts, copy files from HERE to E:\Patches on your mSD, run RomPatcher+ on your phone, select “Install Server RP+” and “Open4All RP+”, add them to auto and your phone is permanently hacked.

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