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How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Profile

Facebook has been growing too fast and it recently crossed 500 million users . More users means more chances of getting guys who will be unhappy of Facebook . We recently got an query on how to permanently delete a facebook profile . So, today we will be teaching you guys to delete your facebook account permanently.

Some stuff to do before deleting your facebook account :

  • The most important thing that you need to do before deleting your facebook account is that you should make backup of your photos .
  • You might even want to backup your facebook friends phone number if you haven’t saved it yet ,as many mobiles nowadays does show Facebook contact details as their mobile phonebook . You can see all your friends mobile numbers from here .
  • Nowadays ,most of the sites are connected with facebook connect, so you might also have created an account using your Facebook profile on some of the sites,so you might loose all other accounts too. Check which sites you have given access to login with Facebook from here .

Now, to permanently delete the facebook account ,follow these steps :


  • When you click on Submit button it will ask for your password and you will have to fill the captcha:

  • Put the correct captcha and you are done .
  • Now, make sure that you won’t login to facebook for the next 14 days or your account will be back again .
  • You can also remove the cookies ,so that you cannot login to Facebook accidentally also .

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