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Blog For Noob CFW For Nokia X6/5800/5530/523x

Blog For Noob CFW For Nokia X6/5800/5530/523x


* Added 3D Browser on Gallery Photo
* Added Ttpod on Music Player
* Gallery Mod ( Gallery will not mix up pictures and videos )
* 4 Row qwerty Keyboard
* Added 3 New cool Themes
* New Theme Effects
* Swipe To Unlock Change to Red
* New Font
* Music Player (HS) Changed
* Full N8 Icons By Binh24
* More C Space 76MB
* 4*5 Menu
* Camera Ram Mod
* Restart Power Button
* UI Mod Working So Fast
* Disable Ovi Contact
* High Quality Voice Recording
* Auto Lock Touch Screen Set to 30 Sec By Default
* Audio Plugins Is Set With High Codecs.
* No FOTA Server
* Remove Messaging lag in C6
* Smoothest Kinetic Scrolling Ever!
* Real Hack!
*HTC Start-up


* Restart Option instead of “Lock Screen and Keys” in Power Menu
* C5-03 Keyboard Layout added.
* Camera Sound is disable
* Display lights timeout and automatic keyguard time set to 30 seconds.’
* FOTA server and chace is removed
* Disabled vibration during Lock/ Unlock
* Zero start up of background applications
* RAM cache will Auto-optimize
* Display rotation is OFF by default
* Analog clock set as default.
* Display light turns OFF and Phone gets locked in 30 seconds
* Neon Fonts Used
* PC/OVI Suite will detect phone as Nokia C6-00
* Delivery Reports ON by default in Messaging
* Theme effects are OFF by default
* Removed “Check for Updates” in Device Updates
* ‘Summary after call’ ON by default
* ‘Speed Dialling’ ON by default
* ‘In call timer’ OFF by default
* Dialler landscape disabled.
* Very Smooth Kinetic Scrolling
* Lags in Messaging removed


* Camera Image Quality improved
* Camera will not leave in background
* Camera can now zoom in/out with the volume keys
* Video Capture frame rates increased
* Voice recorder records upto 12 hours!
* Voice recording quality set to highest!
* Gallery searching is very fast now!
* Gallery will not mix up pictures and videos
* Nokia Photo Browser integrated in Photos Homescreeen
* Integrated Nokia Photo Browser in the CFW
* Share Online removed from Photos Homescreen
* Music Player will read E:\Music\
* Music player will refresh loads faster!!
* Ovi Music removed from Music Homescreen


* Conversations integrated in Messaging
* Sent Messages set to 999 by default
* Delivery reports ON by default
* Messaging lags removed


* Nokia File Browser
* ROMPatcher+ v2.6
* Nokia PhotoBrowser
* New BTSwitch
* RAM Blow 1.3
* Nokia Notifications Widget
* Battery Monitor Widget
* Opera Mini v5.1
* Autoinstaller
* Zip Manager


* Ovi Contacts
* Ovi Music
* Ovi Sync
* Chat
* Video Call (for 5230/5233 Users)


*Nokia White


Before Flash!
*tick on the factory set also with manual flash & dead usb when JAF
*Detele system folder from memmory to best effect




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