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Heavy Duty Swivel Casters

Fitting the Casters to Your Needs

Investing in reliable equipment for your business is a decision you will never regret. When you use high-quality supplies designed for optimal function and built to last, you experience fewer repairs, breakdowns, and damage. Furthermore, reducing the amount and frequency of mishaps, saves money and time, keeping operations running smoothly and uninterrupted.

However, finding the best products for your needs can be difficult if you do not understand what components make one part better than another. If you are looking to stock your business with heavy duty swivel casters, there are some key factors to look for and consider that will put you on the right track.

Work Surfaces and Conditions

When you go to move your equipment from one location to another, you want the casters to roll steady and even. To ensure you select a caster that can perform in your environment, take note of the common flooring and ground surfaces you travel on. Carpeted areas may create drag, tile and brick make for a bumpy ride, and wood and linoleum may get scratched.

Additionally, consider if oil or chemical spills are often present. Certain solutions can harm material like rubber. Therefore casters made of steel and other non-porous materials would be more appropriate.

Calculate Your Weight

Knowing the average weight of the loads you are transporting is another key to choosing the proper caster. Particular mechanics are required when you surpass 400 pounds, so an accurate assessment of common poundage matters.

Climate Considerations

As with weight, the climate in which you work in determines caster materials as well. If your business operates in severe heat or cold, you will need casters that are built to withstand those temperatures. Taking time to review your business needs aids in getting the best product for your requirements. Select the right casters now, and you can roll peacefully into the future. 

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