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A “excellent Samaritan” jeepney driver

The photograph was once uploaded by using JM Descalzo on his Fb account the day before today and goes viral on the internet particularly on Fb, lots of individuals likes and shared this photograph.
Why it goes viral on the internet? this is the story about this picture.

Overheard whereas I was once on my strategy to faculty simply nowadays…
Lola: Bayad ho
Jeepney driver: Señior citizen ho kayo?
Lola: oho.
Jeepney driver: May just kasama ho kayo?
Lola: wala ho
Jeepney driver: *returning again the cash to the previous woman* Wag na ho kayo magbayad
Lola: Ha? Bakit?
Jeepney driver: *smiling* Kung wala po kayong kasama kahit ilan pa kayong señior citizen dito sa jeep ko basta hindi kayo magkakilala, nililibre ko. Ang sarap kaya tumulong. Para pag tanda ko, meron din tutulong sa akin!

He was once any such good samaritan, that is the the reason is, I felt the want to share this to everybody. Could he be blessed all his lifestyles. Saludo ako sayo, kuya driver! JM captioned the picture.
Its very inspiring to find out about this information of an outdated lady and a “excellent Samaritan” jeepney driver.

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