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Globe Telecom moves to a new home

Philippine telecommunication company Globe Telecom announces its move to its new corporate headquarters in Bonifacio Global City in late August.


“The move to The Globe Tower is momentous for us because it is an important component of the company’s transformation journey,” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, in reference to the company’s efforts to further enrich customer experience through its network and IT modernization initiatives.


The Globe Tower will be the main hub of company transactions and will bring together close to 4,000 employees currently housed in several business offices situated in different areas in Metro Manila.


Since the groundbreaking in 2010, construction phase of the facility had been in full swing.  The building has a floor plan of more than 70,000 square meters spread across 18 office floors, 9 parking levels, 2 floors of conference rooms, a store and corporate showroom and a dining level.


According to Cu, the building is aligned with the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) standards, a green building rating system from the United States Green Building Council.


This means that the design and construction of the building took into account its impact on location and surrounding environment.


The rating system has further driven the company to incorporate construction routines that do not contribute to environmental degradation by maintaining proper waste disposal and exterior area protection.  In the long run, and during the building’s operational phase, it will also generate minimal or zero impact on the environment, Cu said.


Following energy efficiency standards, the building makes use of LED lights which will significantly reduce lighting use. Using LED lights for the entire building will make the new Globe headquarters 20% more energy efficient.


The building is also aiming for reduced water consumption through a grey water collecting system that will bring the building’s water efficiency to around 30% in terms of probable water consumption.


Furthermore, the new Globe building envisions having a clutter-free and paperless environment.  In line with this vision, employees will be working through an online platform that will allow a green office transaction initiative.


Prior to the transfer, the Globe Telecom has been holding its main office in Mandaluyong City.

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