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Globe SuperFree Weekends Promo

Globe SuperFree Weekends Promo
Heads up, Globe prepaid users! Globe’s got a new promo for you guys that not only includes the usual free SMS messages, but also comes with an hour of free cellphone Internet use too.

Called the Super Free Weekends, this promo is available beginning this week and will run up until February 16th.

Super Free Weekends gives prepaid users 200 free texts to all networks, plus one hour of cellphone Internet on Saturday and Sunday. To avail of this, just text SUPERFREE to 8888, and that’s it! No need to pay for anything else.

Globe SuperFree Weekends Promo

There is one big catch though. This isn’t available to just any Globe prepaid user. Only those who manage to accumulate at least Php199 worth of load from Monday to Friday are eligible for Super Free Weekends. And no, Shareaload doesn’t count. Once you’ve hit the said amount, you should receive an SMS message from Globe informing you that you’re now qualified to avail of this promo.

For more info, head on over to Globe’s website or text SUPERFREE INFO to 8888 on your mobile phone.

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