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Globe allocates P9.4M for Phase 4 of Text2Teach

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom has committed P9.4 million for the fourth phase of innovative teaching program Text2Teach which is scheduled for completion next year.

Public school students listen with rapt attention to their teacher as she explains the science lesson downloaded via Text2Teach

Public school students listen with rapt attention to their teacher as she explains the science lesson downloaded via Text2Teach

The amount covers mobile voice and data requirements of 850 public elementary schools in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


“Aside from being a mobile network operator, we want to be of more value to the community. Being part of the Text2Teach Alliance is one way of serving as a catalyst for community transformation via improved education,” said Fernando Esguerra, OIC, Globe Corporate Social Responsibility.


Since its Philippine launch in 2004, Text2Teach has been aiding in improving the performance of students all over the country, particularly in Math Science, English, and recently, Values Education through downloadable educational videos using Nokia mobile phones and Globe internet connection.Text2Teach recipient schools also get a 29-inch colored TV, three-day teacher training and teachers’ guides.


Using the power of mobile technology, Grades 5 and 6 students can watch any of the almost 400 educational audio and video materials loaded in the Nokia phones and equipped with the Nokia Education Delivery (NED) application. NED allows teachers to download and easily access educational audios and videos specifically designed for the project, providing a highly effective visual aid for teachers. It also creates an interactive, student-focused learning environment in the classroom which makes the students eager to go to school.


Aside from making available its 3G mobile service to download content, Globe also provides all schools under Text2Teach with specially discounted SIM cards which allows teachers to use them for their main communication needs at 50 percent off the regular call and text rates.


So far, 300 public elementary schools in the Visayas region have either started or committed to implement phase four of T2T. To date, T2T has reached a total of 752 schools across the country.


Phase Four finally made the program available not only in Luzon but across the country as the proponents work to bring Text2Teach to Visayas and Mindanao and to upgrade the 205 satellite schools from the earlier phases.


It also showed a stronger partnership with the local government units as  regional offices of the Department of Education play a vital role in teachers training while local government units provide bigger counterpart funding for the program.

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