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Gift Basket Ideas for Any Executive on Your List

Business leaders long ago recognized the potential of a thoughtful gift. When packaged effectively, a basket can provide the perfect vehicle for such a delivery. Preparing the final product is a job best left to the pros. There are several steps any shopper should take, however, to ensure the items inside are personal, memorable and useful.

Consider the Desired Impact

All clients and colleagues are unique, so shopping for them should be a personalized experience. Beyond finding items that resonate, be sure executive gift baskets send the right message. Whether an expression of gratitude, a statement of celebration or a soft request for new business, keep it focused. Here’s where an expert can provide the insight needed to create just the right look and presentation. Starting with the closest and most important business associates can communicate appreciation and the value of loyalty. On the other hand, sending gifts to prospective clients might just translate into new business.

Look for Ways to Stand Out

Even if a recipient is receiving gifts and tokens from a host of competitors, expertly chosen items are still capable of creating a lasting impression. When possible, opt for gifts recalling the person’s hometown, hobby or some other interest. Evoking a personal memory can be an effective way to subtly show attention to detail. Don’t forget about the importance of a pristine appearance, either. The best gift basket might not always be the biggest, but the packaging is always a critical element. If it looks inviting and exciting before the wrapper even comes off, everything inside just might seem a little bit nicer as a result.

Think About the Investment

Don’t think of it as crass to look at gift giving as a type of business investment. In some situations, it should be used for exactly that purpose. Just like effective advertising and marketing can be a positive reflection of a brand, so can the perfect basket. Depending on the industry, market and other factors, the return on these investments could vary. Benefits like client loyalty, recommendations and name recognition are among the intangible rewards of this strategy. As with any investment, there will probably be some trial and error in determining just how these baskets will be received.
No matter what you’re trying to convey through an executive gift, chances are the right basket arrangement can help make the message clear. Be sure to find an expert you can trust to translate your vision into a presentation sure to leave a lasting impression.

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