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event tent rental in massachusetts

Event Tent Rental in Massachusetts, USA

Planning a wedding can go from fun to stressful very quickly if you let the details get to you. When starting out, you may have a perfect picture in your mind of what the day will look like, but it all changes as you get input from your soon-to-be spouse, and start checking out pricing. Now, you are beginning to feel the pressure of keeping things within the budget and maintaining a certain measure of class. When planning a wedding, check out these two ways you can make your cash stretch a little further and still get the event of your dreams.

1. Ceremony Venue

First, decide where the wedding and reception will be. Are you holding them both at the same place or will guests go from the ceremony location to the reception? To cut costs, you may want to consider holding your ceremony in a church or chapel simply because most religious venues only expect an in-kind donation. This means you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to rent the facility – just a respectable amount for the use of the church and the officiant’s time.

2. Reception Venue and Food

Choosing a place for the reception can also start to become a budget killer if you allow it. Many hotels and resorts would be ideal, but they come with expensive rental and food fees. One way you keep costs lower is taking your wedding outside with the use of tents. Get with an event tent rental in massachusetts to secure some outdoor shelters to hold the reception in a nearby park or at a family member’s home. Doing it this way also allows you to choose your own caterer keeping costs lower and allowing you to select the food you want.

Wedding planning can get quickly out of control, especially when you just start out. Getting these elements out of the way early on can help ease the strain and free up money for the rest of the event.


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