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5 Essential Construction Management Software for Project Managers

Construction is a vast topic. Different people have different goals when they are looking for construction apps. Some are looking for easy estimation and bidding tools; others may want streamlined processes. For whatever aim you are looking for, just read this article, you may find your answers here.



Procore is used increasingly by the construction companies to help increase their project accountability and efficiency by organising documentation and communication to improve the profits. Procore helps the construction professionals to coordinate on several projects through an internet-enabled device having permission to access the project documents, submittals, RFIs, drawings, schedules and many more.

The developers work with the users closely to develop new features for the construction software. The user-centric product makes sure it can be used efficiently following construction safety rules. It helps in implementing the software quickly with really high ROI.

Unlimited collaboration is possible with Procore.



Cloud-based project management platform assists in managing operations and data all through the engineering and construction projects. Aconex has this unique ability to combine processes on a project widely and connect the workflow and communication. The user receives full accountability and visibility in addition to full audit trail for each action and the decisions made.

The general contractors can access the information easily, and it is vital for managing and coordinating the several functions with the clients, consultants, managers, subcontractors and other stakeholders too.

Aconex has tools for workflow management, document management, project controls, insights recording, safety and quality, BIM management, tenders and bids.



e-Builder offers performance dashboards in real-time. The construction project management software can slash the project costs and boost productivity on the job site by reducing the cycle time and collaboration with the whole team.

e-Builder monitors many jobs at many job sites, and that is a tough job. Every job site has its schedules, costs and documents and every project come with a delivery process, and this involves pre-plan, design, construction, procurement, construction and the operation.

But for owners, foremen and managers, e-Builder is always there. It slashes the project cost by 4 per cent and boosts productivity by three times the job sites.


Bridgit Closeout

Bridgit Closeout, a cloud-based task management tool is just perfect for reporting, delegating work and taking notes. The closeout app helps in sharing task details across the teams.

Smooth execution of tasks is critical especially the punch list process. Bridgit Closeout is one such application which offers a cloud-based task management solution for members who do not have time for assigning tasks, reporting issues and handling disorganised notes manually.

The mobile application can be used for sharing details from the tablets and smartphones. Being online implies, similar information is at their fingertips instantly irrespective of the site they are working at.



A cloud-based construction project management, Ap4projectmanagers is a collaboration application for the construction industry. It is an ideal app for the project managers including the architects, contractors, engineers, project owners, managers and others to coordinate quickly anywhere with the help of Android and web apps.

One can view Gantt charts, project files, devise punch lists, daily log books, meeting minutes and manage the application for payment.

Those were the five essential construction project management software for the project managers. These will surely make their life easier.





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