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Easy Way to delete iMovie from your Mac

Mac operating system X has been inclusive of a number of valuable default applications. One of that has been iMovie. It has been a great application for creating or editing videos. However, if it has not been a program that you feel that you would ever make use of, it has been simply wasting the space available on your Mac. In case, you wonder how to delete iMovie from your Mac system, you should read further.

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Completely deleting iMovie could give you back approximately 3GB of space on your hard disk. Apparently, the easiest mode for deleting remove iMovie from a Mac has been to locate its icon in ‘Finder.’ Henceforth, you would be required to drag the icon to the ‘Trash’ folder. Nonetheless, deleting complete applications in this manner would often leave behind various support files, such as caches and preferences. It would be recommended that you should make use of a dedicated application remover, the Movavi Mac Cleaner. This application could ease the uninstalling process along with carefully clearing out all files that would no longer be required.

iMovie removal guide

In order to learn how to delete iMovie in a safe and quick manner, you should download Mac Cleaner. Follow the simple program removal guide as given below.

Installing Movavi Cleaner

After downloading the Mac Cleaner from Movavi, you should open it to install by following the instructions.

Checking your Mac

When you have launched Mac Cleaner, it would automatically scan the entire computer and locate all un-required log files and cache. These files could be deleted safely to make room on the hard disk. In order to clean out all kinds of junk in a single press of a button, you should make use of ‘start cleaning’ button. In case, you do not wish to delete junk presently, go forth to step three.

Removing iMovie from your Mac

The iMovie could be easily deleted from the Mac system along with its supporting files by this amazing software. Foremost, you should open the ‘Uninstaller’ menu. Henceforth, when the Mac Cleaner has compiled a list of all the applications on your Mac, you would be required to click ‘User Apps.’ In order to arrange the list in alphabetical order, you should choose ‘Sort by Name’ in the given field placed above the list. You should easily locate iMovie and check the box next to it. Simply click ‘Remove’ and it would be deleted for good.

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