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Every year a flow of fresh blood overflow Toronto colleges. New students are reading booklets, asking about their older friends, looking for any helpful piece of advice…Which of Toronto colleges should I choose? Mummy what should I do?….This text is about dreamers, or some only called them this way…Never mind. What matters here is a strange belief that when from all Toronto colleges, one chooses film school, their just got unreal, got crazy or insane. This common thought may evoke fear in many dreamers what keep them away and make them choose another path.

Among all Toronto colleges, film school is regarded as the most selective, exclusive, it’s seen as something …unreal. However young talents, full of internal flame and irrefutable faith in victory, come here and take all they can, every bit of knowledge and time they spend in practice and theory classes. It is good for people who have strong belief that making films is possible for anyone and is only limited by their imagination. In one word, everyone can make a hit, everyone can shine, but they need to work hard, they have to know well what to do and how to do it. A little bit of abilities, big bag of zest and a ton of ingenuity. The recipe is simple, isn’t it?:)

Next time, when we have the pleasure to meet such a dreamer in the time of choosing one of Toronto colleges for himself, let’s give him a good and only correct piece of advice: Choose to do the thing you love and you are passionate about! Every man should do the same. People are much happier and smile more often, are not depressed when they love their jobs. It is the source of self-esteem and general satisfaction from our life achievements. The only hitch is that we have to be dreamers and this is what we are afraid to be the most.

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