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Download RN HEALS (Nurses and Midwives) Batch 4 2013 Application Form

The Department of Health has previously announced that more than 22,000 slots for nurses and more than 4,000 for midwives will be available for its RN HEALS or Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service program in 2013.

Applications are now ongoing in DOH-retained and affiliated hospitals and health centers in need of additional nurses and midwives. Applications forms for nurses and midwives can now be downloaded through the DOH’s official website. The recruitment selection period will end on November 29, 2012.

We’ve heard feedbacks though, that most of the slots have already been filled up like Dr. Jose Fabella Hospital and San Lazaro Hospital. Due to the large volume of applicants and the limited slots available per hospital, it is expected that most of these big hospitals have already met the required number of applications as early as now.

Recently, the health department has released the RN Heals 4 official distribution list for hospitals, which includes the number of slots available for applicants per hospital. The remaining slots will be available for rural health units or health centers and the community.

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