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Chandelier Supply

Chandelier Supply

Founded all the way back in the 50’s, Chandelier Supply has grown from humble beginnings in a backyard workshop to national business dedicated to supplying people with the tools they need to create the beautiful light fixtures they desire. When it comes to chandelier parts, you will not find a more extensive or higher quality collection of options anywhere else. Suppliers spent decades focusing their mission on the perfection of antique and replica light fixtures because they know how important attractive, powerful lighting is for making your home look and feel amazing every day.

They proudly offer a complete line of chandelier crystals and chandelier parts.Their line includes Strass Swarovski crystals, BrilliantCut crystals, Turkish crystals, natural quartz rock crystal prisms, crystal arms, bodies, breaks, balls, chandelier lamp chain, chandelier shades, lamp cord and lamp sockets. Whether you are looking for one chandelier crystal or 10,000, They have the resources to meet your needs. Their high-quality parts will help make sure you can perform any repair, replacement, conversion, or any other job you need to enjoy the perfect light fixture for your home. Make your next project easier and faster than ever by finding everything in one place!

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