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The Car Connections

The Car Connections

TheCarConnection.com is the flagship site of Palo Alto, California-based High Gear Media. TheCarConnection blends consumer-friendly reviews with comparisons, tips and advice, and consumer news to help car buyers and enthusiasts stay connected with their favorite new vehicles.

The editors at TheCarConnection.com use a unique review format that brings the best of the Web together in one place, making it easy to research cars online. Editors road-test more than 200 vehicles a year, and combine their driving impressions with a numeric rating and with opinions from around the Web in one of the most comprehensive review formats online today.

They review some nice cars like featured below:

The New Land Rover LR2
The New Land Rover LR2

The LR2 is Land Rover's smallest and most affordable model. In purpose and intent, it replaces the lackluster Freelander, which was sold for a short four-year run in the U.S. The LR2's small size makes it maneuverable in urban environments. At the same time, the LR2 still retains what Land Rovers are known for: superior off-road ability.

Lexus GS 450h

The Lexus GS450h is a nice little hybrid sidestep. Yes it can run on electric power and yes this is a ‘proper’ hybrid, but if you start thrashing it the car will use the batteries and electric drive to increase performance (particularly from rest with instant-torque from the Synergy Drive). So what Greenies peg as a step in the right direction, petrolheads also think is a good thing.

Nissan Quest

The first two generations of the Quest were rather anonymous and subpar, but the current, third-generation Nissan Quest made a huge leap ahead in terms of styling and performance. But the cabin was criticized for its oddball design (which placed the instruments in the center and many too-similar buttons on a large pillar-style center stack), flat seats, abundance of hard plastic and inconsistent build quality. Thankfully, a recent midcycle refresh brought about significant interior improvement via a redesigned dash and center stack, and upgraded materials.

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