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Blue Sky Scrubs

Nursing scrubs, medical scrubs, and hospital uniforms were added to blue sky scrubsâ„¢ line in December 2005. The company began six months prior to that as a manufacturer of scrub caps. The luxury scrub hats quickly became a must-have accessory for doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, veterinarians, and other medical professionals worldwide. These nursing scrubs and designer surgical scrub hats are not sold in stores, they are only available online at blueskyscrubs.com. While their line of medical uniforms can be shipped anywhere in the world, the company hopes to retail blue sky scrubs UK and Canada, in addition to opening blue sky scrubs USA in the future. blue sky scrubs’â„¢ line of nursing scrubs includes women’s medical uniforms in two different designer medical scrubs styles as well as one line of fashionable scrubs for men.

blue sky scrubsâ„¢ is always adding new colors to their scrub sets. Five years ago, the scrubs were only offered in ceil blue, but are now available in over fifteen different solid colors. blue sky scrubsâ„¢ offers the popular classic surgical green scrubs, as well as pink, chocolate, lilac, and navy blue scrubs, to name just a few.

blue sky scrubs’â„¢ line of scrub caps ,which began with just the well-known Pony scrub hat , has grown to include disposable scrub hats, men’s hats, and the new Poppy hatâ„¢, which is a bouffant scrub hat with a ‘blue sky flare’. Also available is the most popular scrub cap, the Pixie hat® which is ideal for hair of any length. The patented Pony hat® was once offered in just a few patterns, but now includes more than 700 fabric choices, as does the Pixie hat® and the Poppy hatâ„¢. blue sky scrubs‘ line of hospital scrubs is easily complimented with a colorful and uniquely printed surgical scrub hat.

blue sky scrubsâ„¢ stands for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream. Take a Look at Scrubs Complete Set.


The hospital uniforms retailer blue sky scrubs, an Austin, TX-based scrubs manufacturer, has posted their client ratings to their website. “Ratings help potential clients make decisions on what they want to purchase and why,” says blue sky scrubs CEO, David Marquardt. “It’s important for reviews to be available to anyone who is interested in any product. It’s the same as a reference check.” blue sky scrubs enjoys ensuring every order is treated with care and every client is not only pleased, but thrilled.

Men scrubs uniforms chose RatePoint to host their reviews. RatePoint has a feature that allows each review to be made public on the blue sky scrubs website. Reviews can be found here: customer testimonials. Clients can also leave their feedback through that same page on the website.

So far, blue sky scrubs has received 21 reviews, has a 5-star rating, and has received three business awards: Customer Service, Consumer Approved, and Business Excellence. blue sky scrubs plans to continue the trend. What exactly are customers saying about blue sky scrubs? Below are some of the reviews blue sky has received from their clients (direct quotes from the website.)

Try to check the Nursing Uniforms Catalog ,the nursing u niforms are a poly-cotton blend and are very lightweight but durable. The sizing was correct to what I wear in other scrubs (I always worry about that when I buy online). The inseam of the pants are a good length and flare out a little bit enough to cover my shoes, they have an elastic tie at the waist. The top is fitted and is long enough to cover me when I’m moving around. I kneeled and sat and the pants never rode and felt comfortable. The pants have two back pockets with cute sewed details and there is a similar pocket on the left chest side of the top.

All in all, very comfortable workable scrubs in a good color, with cute feminine details, sized and fitted for my body. I haven’t washed them yet but I wash in cold water anyway so I don’t have to worry about shrinkage. My only criticism is that there are no bottom pockets on the top. This is a personal preference of mine as most of my tops have two pockets at the bottom of the top vs. one chest pocket.

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