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Why Blogging and become a Blogger

You probably notice that there is an increasing number of bloggers nowadays. Do you know why? Well, basically it pays to be a blogger these days!

Actually there are lots of reason why people choose to become a blogger. As a blogger, you have numberless options to monetize your blog. You can also find direct advertising options as well as affiliate offers. There are many ways you can create using a little of your creativity and innovation. There is one thing left for all of your great strategies to work-the ‘big T’. If you guessed the big T to be traffic you are right!

Why blogging and become a Blogger

So how you can make money through blogging? Let’s say you have a good traffic coming in to your blog. If you are new in this business, pay-per-post,reviews and sponsored posts are the best choices.

Right now, “microblogging” is the technological term du jour. Twitter this; Twitter that.Google this;Google that!

For some reason, once somebody created a Web site that told us we couldn’t type more than 140 characters, we couldn’t resist the challenge. It’s as though we were dared to share our most inane thoughts.

The birth of the pointless Tweet was born, also known as “I’m eating string cheese and watching reruns of ALF!”

But remember a few years ago, when “blog” was the word you couldn’t escape? Magazine covers were devoted to blogs. What does “blog” mean? Is it going to kill traditional media? Who should be blogging? Why do we care what you’re blogging?

Now, blogs are something more akin to traditional (but still new) media.
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Why Blogging and become a Blogger

5 Reasons Why Blogging Matters More Than Ever

1. It brings ideas out to the public – a lot of people have some pretty unique perspectives. Now, we all get a chance to hear those ideas and explore them.

2. You can get something off your chest – imagine if violence in the world went away because more and more people used their Blogs to express themselves (good, bad and ugly)?

3. There are multiple truths – the old saying, “there are three sides to every story” obviously came out long before Blogging. We know there are millions of truths (aren’t there?).

4. New ideas – A lot of Blogs are riffs on other people’s ideas, but once in a while you come across something new, brilliant and beautiful – knowing full-well that this idea would never had seen the light of day if mainstream media was the only place you could publish your idea for the world to see.

5. Different perspectives – probably one of the most amazing things about a Blog – all the various voices from different parts of the world, and how they all flow and groove together. Blogging breaks down cultural and geographical borders. Is there anything more fascinating than alternative opinions?

So if you are planning to have a blog, and cant decide what blog platform you choose whether its WordPress, Blogspot, Jopal, Thumblr or other more… its up to you who can decide…. Visit my post about WordPress Vs Blogger

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