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Benefits of Xenon HID-Look alike Halogen Bulbs

Xenon high-intensity discharge bulbs are not developed the same way as traditional incandescent bulbs. For one, there is no filament for the electricity to utilize. Essentially, an electrical arc travels through xenon gas creating a more intense light. These HID bulbs are heavily sought after for a few different reasons and can be beneficial for your automobile in several ways.


Xenon HID headlamps have a lifespan of two to three times longer than traditional bulbs. This is dependent on the amount of time you use the lighting alternative and is not subjected to road damage. In ideal conditions, you’ll spend approximately three times less money in bulb replacements over the life of your automobile.


Although traditional bulbs offer a decent amount of light for nighttime driving, xenon bulbs have a higher luminescence allowing for more of the road and peripheral vision to be illuminated. This can help you see various elements better before they get into your path such as deer or crossing pedestrians.


Many xenon HID bulbs are compatible with a wide range of automobiles from different manufacturing years. Although some vehicles with factory installed or upgrade HID options are not compatible with certain bulbs, you can provide some of those older vehicles with new technology without using an adapter.

Decrease the risk to yourself and others on the road when driving at night. Order now to replace your headlamps with technology that can help you save money and possibly lives by offering greater visual range. As most units are easy to install, you won’t have to worry about your mechanical skill level to upgrade your vehicle with xenon HID lamps.

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