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It’s in the Bag: Three Kinds of Handy Totes

The Classic Tote Bag

When you hear the word “tote,” you may think of the classic tote bag made from canvas. Capacious and with strong carrying handles, totes of this kind have been made especially popular by stores like Lands Ends or L.L. Bean, though you can find bags of a similar ilk from many stores and online venues. Advantages of a classic tote are durability and roominess. If you’re headed to the beach, you can pack quite a lot inside a classic bag, including heavier items like books. The original style of this tote featured an open top, but these days you can often find a classic looking tote that zips for extra security.

The Sailor Bag

Given the association of tote bags with the beach, it’s not surprising to find this one on the list. The sailor is a special kind of tote that mimics the traditional look of a real sailor’s bag, with a drawstring kind of enclosure. This is a smaller bag than the classic tote but one where you can easily fit what you need to fit, especially in current versions that often include zippered pockets for cell phones and other must-have items. A great sailor tote like the one sold at Absolute Tote Bags has nautical style features like water-proof material and rope handles.

The Mini

A mini tote bag might seem to defeat the purpose of a tote, but sometimes small is all you need. If you’re just looking to tuck a few things away for safe-keeping, a mini tote can be an efficient way to carry what you need, either on its own or inside a larger bag like a backpack. Mini totes, made from canvas, nylon, or cotton, often mimic the look of larger, classic bags but with smaller proportions. They can also make fun party favors or memorable promotional giveaways.

These are just three kinds of bags that might suit your carrying needs. You can usually find them in a wide variety of styles and have them imprinted with a logo or monogram.

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