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affordable cremation services

Virginia Affordable Cremation Services

Death is complicated enough. Your cremation service shouldn’t be. At Direct Cremation Services of Virginia, we simplify the process by maintaining low operation costs. This allows us to provide you, your family, and your friends with a simple yet dignified option—direct cremation.

To learn more, select your service need. Within our at need cremation package, you will find assistance with planning your loved one’s final request. Pre-need packages will provide options for those wishing to plan for their cremation needs.

Cremation services hold an ever-increasing percentage of the funeral market. The cremation process is efficient and cost-effective, and easily coordinated with a cremation service. For a family grieving the loss of a loved one, decisions and detail work can be over whelming. Cremation service is simple, requiring few decisions. Cremation services cost less than other funeral services, freeing a family from unnecessary financial burdens.

Cremation may follow a funeral service or occur before a memorial service. Families can decide whether to have a traditional casket service else where before cremation. Conversely, a family may want to proceed with cremation and then hold a memorial service during which the urn is placed on a table display. The urn is often accompanied by a picture of the departed and a spray of flowers. Preplanning a cremation service is a particularly graceful gift one gives to the family, expressing consideration for them.

In most cases, the staff at the crematory will be able handle all aspects of the cremation, including completing the death certificate and transporting the body to the crematory for a nominal fee. In addition, a crematory will often charge a fraction of the price that a funeral home would charge for the same services.

You may also work with a funeral home to plan a direct cremation. The funeral home will complete the death certificate and transport the body to the crematory for a small fee, in addition to the Basic Services Fee that they will charge for their services.

Direct Cremation Costs

Direct cremation is the least expensive disposition option, as the most expensive purchases—casket, preparing the body, funeral service, extensive transportation—are avoided. In addition, some funeral homes may charge a lower Basic Services Fee (funeral homes’ non-declinable flat fee) for direct cremation. If you are interested in saving money, it’s worth calling a number of different funeral homes to find one with a lower affordable cremation services .

If you are planning on burying the cremated remains in a cemetery plot or interring them in a columbarium, you will also need to take into consideration any cemetery costs, such as the cost of the plot or columbarium niche, the cost of a headstone or grave marker, and any cemetery fees such as opening and closing of the grave, headstone installation fees, and endowment care or perpetual care fees, among others.

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