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Some alternatives to conventional flowers and gifts

Instead or ordering the same old carnations as a birthday gift or the conventional centerpiece for an upcoming dinner party, why not try something different? It costs no more to order many tropical flower arrangements that will create drama and lend to an exotic mood for any occasion.

Part of what makes tropical flowers so alluring is the way that they evoke images of faraway beaches and breezy summer nights. The stems are often cut a bit longer than what might be seen in a native species arrangement, and this makes the unique blooms really stand out and get attention.

These arrangements are not typically full of the same greens and baby breath that is found all too often in more traditional arrangements and bouquets. For instance, some red ginger blooms might be surrounded with tropical foliage to create a more minimalist look that extends vertically rather than putting the focus on more compact styles of floral design. These lovely flowers seem to be reaching to the tropical sky, extending upward and adding a dramatic conversation piece to any affair.

Giving these as a gift or alternative to a dozen roses, for example, will inspire and impress recipients. They will be an unexpected surprise that gives hope for warmer weather and exotic locales. What could be a better gift to give someone special?

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