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4 Ways To Improve Hiring Practices

4 Ways To Improve Hiring Practices

Attracting and retaining top talent is the ultimate goal of any HR department. These four tips can help you develop superior hiring practices so that your business achieves that goal. 

1. Look for Complementary Skills

Applicants might be able to check the box on every required skill, but if that’s all they bring to the table, it may not be enough. It is often better to seek out candidates that bring complementary, soft skills to the table. An infusion of creative thinking could be exactly what is needed to push the next initiative over the top. 

2. Foster an Inclusive Environment

It is easy to dismiss calls for equity and inclusion in the workplace; however, it would be a monumental mistake if your goals are to improve hiring practices and employee retention numbers. After all, employees who feel valued and included within your company are more likely to stay in their roles for a more extended time.

If you haven’t developed a written equity and inclusion statement, now is a good time to do that. Then, research options for Diversity Training programs to get existing employees on board with your efforts. 

3. Build Your Company’s Brand

Well-known and respected companies can attract better-qualified applicants. Taking the time to build your brand means you will have a more qualified pool to choose from for each open position. 

4. Incorporate Feedback

Candidates will often leave feedback on job boards or social media sites. Reading these comments, analyzing the information, and incorporating constructive suggestions can significantly impact future hiring practices. For example, if candidates routinely comment that the interview questions seem irrelevant, it may be time to revisit how that part of the process is handled.

Finding the right talent for open positions can make or break a company’s short-term success. Using HR practices such as building your brand, foster inclusiveness and incorporating candidate feedback can improve hiring processes. 

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