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3 Types of Industrial Blenders Used in Manufacturing

3 Types of Industrial Blenders Used in Manufacturing

In a variety of manufacturing businesses, industrial processing, including the mixing and blending of solids and pastes, requires top-of-the-line equipment. Process equipment can be a significant expense for a manufacturer, so business operators need to be aware of the different types of industrial blenders when making a purchase.

Ribbon Blenders

ribbon mixer is a type of blender that combines free-flowing solids in bulk using a dry mixing technique. These blenders can blend many kinds of solids, including pharmaceuticals, food products, plastics, and fertilizers. Because of their versatility, ribbon mixers are one of the most popular industrial blenders in manufacturing. They shear solid materials with their ribbon-like paddles that rotate around a central axis.

Paddle Blenders

Similar to the ribbon blender, these mixers have paddle-shaped blades that branch off from a central axis and rotate to cut through materials.  Paddle blenders are known for their ease of use and their relatively affordable price tag. They are great at gently blending food products like ice cream, mixed nuts and pasta sauce. Heating attachments can be added so that the mixer blends and cooks at the same time.

Rotary Blenders

A rotary blender is a drum blender that has no moving parts inside and is ideal for gently mixing delicate or brittle materials. These mixers are more commonly used in Europe. Rotary drum blenders do not shear materials, but they do mix solids thoroughly and quickly. They are a good choice for blending teas leaves, spices and detergent mixes. Also, they tend to be smaller, more efficient machines than some other industrial mixers.

Industrial blending equipment can work in a variety of ways to mix different types of solid materials. Therefore, it’s essential for any manufacturer in need of process equipment to be familiar with the many kinds of industrial blenders available.

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