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4 Smart Reasons to Earn an Advanced Degree in Nursing

4 Smart Reasons to Earn an Advanced Degree in Nursing

However, more nurses are furthering their education so they can have more than an associate’s degree. Some nurses might wonder what the point is in further their education when they already have the job that they want. However, there are many reasons why you should go back to school sooner than later and continue your education.

Become More Marketable

One major reason to go back to school is to become more marketable. While you enjoy your job now, you might want to do something new in the future. What if you move or decide you want a change in ten years? If most nurses are continuing their education, you’re hindering your chances at getting a job you love by opting out of going back to school. You might find the nursing job of your dreams one day and lose it to another nurse who has a bachelor’s or advanced degree. Even if you have 20 years of experience and the other nurse only has 15, the administration department might decide that the extra five years is less valuable than the education. If you have the education and the experience, hospitals will be begging you to work for them. To become even more marketable, read this article to find out what it takes to be an exceptional nurse leader.

More Money

More money is always a good reason to do something that will better yourself. With some jobs, people with a bachelor’s degree don’t make much more than an associate’s. However, nursing is completely different. In fact, nurses with a bachelor’s degree make an average of $30,000 more per year than nurses with an associate’s. With that kind of salary boost, you can pay off your student loans immediately, so getting yourself into debt isn’t an excuse to pass up the opportunity. If you decide to earn your masters or your doctorate, that’s an even higher yearly salary in your pocket.

You’ll be Better

People pride themselves and their ability to perform well at their job. When you have a chance to better yourself for your career, it’s important to take that chance. No one is every finished learning. If you further you education with advanced degrees, you will learn so much more and become a better nurse for it. With an Associate’s Degree, you have a practical skillset, with an advanced degree, you will have advanced knowledge with an advanced skillset. You can enroll into schools like the University of Cincinnati to further your knowledge.

More Opportunities

Most nurses work in hospitals. However, earning a higher degree will provide you with opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise get to have. If you have children, you can apply to be the school nurse at their school district. This will allow you to only work while they are in school, including paid time off during the summer. Other nurses would love to have an opportunity like that. To be a school nurse, many schools require you to have a BSN. If you get your Master’s Degree in nursing, you can become a teacher at a nursing school. Nursing schools send away so many applicants because not enough nurses get their Master’s Degree and have the ability to teach. If you go as far as getting your PhD, you can become a Nurse Practitioner, which allows you to diagnose illnesses and prescribe medications, which will seriously raise your salary.

As a nurse, it’s important to further your education and open yourself up to better opportunities. With an advanced degree, you will find hundreds of positions that you didn’t even know were an option for nurses.

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