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Xperia: Fidelity GX 4.0 – Improved battery life, performance, stability and audio performance

This ROM is designed to work with Xperia P device but it should also work on other Xperia NXT devices too as most apks I added are working on Xperia S/Acro S/GX/T too installation is designed to work on any existing ROM. You can also try flashing on other ICS devices like Samsung/HTC/LG/etc. and let me know if it works on your phone. Don’t forget to make nandroid backup before flashing.


  • -Xperia Fidelity script
  • -Xperia GX/T apps and System UI
  • -Xperia GX/T sounds and graphics
  • -build.prop tweaks
  • -Thunderbolt v2.7.7 tweaks
  • -Partition remounting optimized
  • -Supercharger’s patched services.jar
  • -Optimized LMK supercharged
  • -SQLite optimized
  • -Powersave governor during screen-off
  • -Clear cache every 1hr for lag-free
  • -Zipaligned
  • -Audio effects bypassed
  • -Google Now



  • -Added dropping cache on every 1hr as it shouldn’t cause system lag now with improved configuration
  • -Optimized build.prop for more possible battery-saving
  • -Optimized Fidelity script for improved battery-life and system’s stability
  • -Optimized kernel configuration according to IBM’s standards
  • -Optimized screen-off script for being more efficient and compatible with boot-time
  • -Optimized VM settings for more battery-life and reliability
  • -Removed journal_async_commit in remounting script trying to improve storage’s reliability


  • -Added new apps found in Xperia T apps
    -Added Google apps with updated existing ones
    -Fixed setting permissions script so it won’t screw up root
    -Fixed Xperia’s Fidelity script errors in I/O scheduler optimizations
    -Optimized build.prop tweaks for better memory management
    -Optimized Fidelity script with more partitions’ I/O optimizations and kernel,I/O optimized for lower load/latency
    -Optimized system partitions remounting using data from external remounting script in main Thunderbolt script
    -Optimized VM’s dirty values and added more governors in list of changing scaling governor during screen-off script
    -Removed scaling governor part leaving only optimizations alone in Fidelity script so user can have freedom to choose desired ones
    -Updated existing apks to latest working available combined between Xperia GX/T
    -Updated niaboc79′s modified Xperia T SystemUI with battery percentage like Xperia P
    -Updated Xperia T’s new boot animation
    -Updated Xperia T media sounds


  • -Added changing to powersave governor during screen-off
  • -Added Location based WiFi feature
  • -Added Partition remounting optimized for performance (disable barriers/noatime/async 15s commit)
  • -Added SQLite optimizations on first boot
  • -Added Supercharger’s LMK patched services.jar with personally optimized LMK supercharged
  • -Added Xperia GX’s improved boot animation
  • -Added Zipalign on flashing
  • -Improved package to be flashable on any ICS ROM
  • -Rebuilt build.prop tweaks from ground
  • -Removed bundled apps and some that suck battery-life
  • -Replaced KA SSpeed tweaks with optimized latest Thunderbolt v2.7.7 optimized with Xperia Fidelity
  • -Replaced InfinitySound with audio effects bypassed (Hard decision but Fidelity script won’t need it)


  • 1. If your device has ICS, bootloader unlocked, rooted and custom kernel capable of running init.d/recovery then skip to 5
  • 2. Flash ICS ROM (It can work on any ICS ROM now but I tested only on official ROM build 6.1.B.0.550)
  • 3. Unlock your bootloader from http://unlockbootloader.sonymobile.com/instructions
  • 4. Flash Xperia P’s Kernel with autoroot/init.d/recovery support from http://forum.xda-developers.com/show….php?t=1841613
  • 5. Flash Xperia P: Fidelity GX in recovery
  • 6. Clear cache and dalvik-cache
  • 7. Reboot (If recovery ask about fixing root, answer yes)
  • 8. Wait for system to stabilize (probably 3-5 mins) and reboot again


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