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Why Artists Need to Learn Digital Marketing Skills

Why Artists Need to Learn Digital Marketing Skills

Technology, especially the Internet, has dramatically changed the face of the art world in the 21st century. While technology has certainly been a positive for artists in many ways, it has also created a reality in which artists like Ashley Longshore must learn new skills. Perhaps the most important of these skills are digital marketing skills. Artists have always had to market themselves to a certain extent, but it seems like the artists of today must market themselves to a greater degree than ever before. As digital technology now runs the art world, artists must learn digital marketing skills. Read on to learn more about why modern artists must be proficient in digital marketing.

Selling Art in the 21st Century

While traditional brick-and-mortar galleries still sell many artworks, it is becoming more common for fine art to be sold online. Digital marketing is an important aspect of any e-commerce business, including art dealing. If artists are selling their art online, they must learn digital marketing skills to have a chance of standing out from the many thousands of artists who are also selling their own work online. Even if an artist has an established relationship with an online gallery, however, they should still know digital marketing. This will help them understand how their gallery is marketing their work, and the artist will even be able to understand how they can support their gallery’s marketing efforts. 

Reducing Dependence On Galleries

One of the most important benefits that artists can get from technology is that they can reduce their overall dependence on galleries. Artists who cannot establish a relationship with a gallery can sell their work online. Even artists who can and do work with galleries can choose to sell their work themselves and save money on gallery fees. Traditionally, the gallery would bear the brunt of the marketing load. However, increased independence from galleries also gives the artist increased responsibility. One of these responsibilities is marketing their work online.

Increasing Exposure

Even artists that do not sell work or related merchandise online should be familiar with basic digital marketing skills. This will allow them to grow their own personal brand, which can lead to new commissions, interest from galleries and museums, and even reviews of their work in influential publications. Even world-famous artists need to understand digital marketing so that they can maintain their successful brand on the Internet.

Increasing Profits

Artists that have excellent digital marketing skills can even see increased profits. If they market themselves and their work effectively, they can increase the demand for their work. The law of supply and demand applies to the art market just like it applies to every other market. If there is increased demand for an artist’s works, the artist (or their gallery) can charge higher prices. This is especially advantageous if the artist is selling their work online, where it is reduced overhead and effective marketing can increase prices dramatically.

Digital Marketing Skills Will Only Become More Important For Artists

The art world has become increasingly digitized over the last few decades, and this process shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, digitization in the art world seems to only be speeding up. This means that digital marketing skills will become increasingly important for artists in the future. Artists that are not well-versed in digital marketing should expand their skill set at the earliest opportunity. Otherwise, they risk being left behind by their peers in this increasingly competitive business. While work will always matter most, business skills will also always be important. 

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