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The Versatility of Golf Carts

Drive past most golf courses and you’ll see rows of carts neatly parked and waiting for golfers. While these gas and electric carts may have become popular for people traversing 18 holes, they’re useful for many other areas, as well. Here are just a few ways that you can use a golf cart to add some fun and convenience to your life.

Long Driveway? There’s a Cart for That
If you live out in the country, then you may have loved the long driveway when you first moved in. However, it may now be proving a hassle as you walk out for the mail, make the long trek to take your child to the bus or want to put out decorations along the street. Get a golf cart to save gas and the wear and tear on your car.

Campers of all Types
Head to almost any RV campground and you’re bound to see people in golf carts driving to the pool or lodge. Whether you have a tiny pop-up or luxurious motorhome, a golf cart can make your camping trips more enjoyable. It’s a must if you have a medical condition and your site is a long distance from the amenities you want to enjoy.

Property Maintenance
Whether you’re running an apartment community or trying to keep up with everything on your farm, a golf cart provides a cost-effective way to get around and take care of all your chores.

Click here to learn more about golf carts and see what options are available. Whether you want one for fun or need one to run around on your property, you’ll find that they’re extremely versatile and enjoyable.

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