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Top 2 Options When Selling a House

When a homeowner decides to sell a house, there two main ways of doing things. Either get a real estate agent to help or try and get the house sold by his or her own efforts. Here is an in-depth look at both.

Using a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents such as those availed at Sun West Mortgage are specialists in buying and selling property. The main advantage of using an agent is that the homeowner does not have to do any leg work. The agent will look for potential buyers, do all the negotiations and close the sale. The agent then gets paid a commission for the sale.

Homeowner Selling

When a homeowner decides on selling a house on their own, it’s a new dynamic. He or she will have to list the home for sale without agency such as Sun West Mortgage. This listing is after all the necessary repairs and inspections are done. The owner will have to headhunt potential buyers or list the property on selling platforms. Once a buyer comes around, the homeowner has to negotiate the terms and try and persuade the buyer to close the deal.

Both of these options are good depending on the going market conditions. However, it is advisable that a person uses a real estate agent. This option helps one avoid extra fees in paying valuators and other legal expenses.

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