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Three Experts Explain Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Finding the Perfect Job

Eyal Gutentag

Mentor/manager Eyal Gutentag remembers that soon after graduating with a master’s degree from Columbia University, he was worried about finding the perfect job, and then “I had an epiphany. I realized there would be many different opportunities in life — not just one optimal path — and as long as I was learning, good things would happen.” That change in perspective took much of the pressure off him so that he felt free to dabble in start-ups, leading to a uniquely rewarding career.

Ann Shoket

Author Ann Shoket has this advice for graduates: “Get a job, any job. It doesn’t matter, just get started.” She explains that any job is a way to learn skills and learn how the world works. “We put so much pressure on young people to get these amazing, perfect jobs and have perfect resumes. Don’t worry.” Shoket explains that when you listen to too much well-meaning advice intended to make your future secure, “that’s not what makes you fall in love with the opportunity in front of you.”

Dan Ariely

Duke University psychology professor Dan Ariely suggests that you don’t find the perfect job so much as create it. “What people don’t understand is that we have the capacity to bend the job to our will,” he explains. “Look for a job that is in the general direction of your skills and passion… Don’t worry too much about the perfect fit because if you look for the perfect fit you’ll never find it.”

So, relax a bit. Maybe your perfect job isn’t really what you want.

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