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Sneak Peak of iPhone OS 4 | Review

In less than a week after the iPad launch, Apple is gearing up to give us an official tour of the iPhone OS 4.0.

Is Apple unveiling the iPhone 4.0 OS on Thursday? That’s what it looks like!The refresh of the OS, expected to arrive later on in 2010, is believed to include much-requested features like multitasking, and find a place on both the iPhone — including the fourth-gen model — and the newly-launched iPad.

Sneak Peak of iPhone OS 4 | Review

iPhone OS 4 Review

Apple would unveil what the next gen iPhone OS 4 would bring. There can be plenty of predictions on what the features would be, but the question on our mind right now is, why now? Increasing competition from other smartphone makers? Boosting iPad sales? Preparing developers for something magical?

iPhone OS 4 Features

So if you’re wondering about the future of the platform iPhone OS 4… your answers will appear sooner than you think with the new Apple iPhone OS 4.

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