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Online bingo’s great for bad losers

When you play a game in public you have to retain a certain amount of composure. For some people, though, if things don’t go their way while playing a game, they really lose the plot. This may be ok when you’re at home with your family — though they might get sick of playing with a bad loser who turns the board game upside down or who sulks when they don’t win. But out in public, that kind of loss of control over a game is very unacceptable.

That’s why online gaming is so great for people who haven’t learned to lose well. If you’re playing a game of online bingo and it doesn’t go your way, no-one else is going to be upset if you scream and shout, throw something across the room or stamp your feet — only other people in your home. Of course, online bingo isn’t just good for bad losers. Many people choose to play online rather than in a land-based bingo hall because it’s so convenient, and so much fun. Whenever you feel like a game, you can play online here any time of the day or night.

There are plenty of people who have showed themselves up with bad behaviour over a game of bingo at different bingo halls around the world over the years though. Some of them are even outrageous enough to make the papers.

Two stories this year featured bad behaviour in the bingo hall. The first was when a pair of old age pensioners had to be separated in a brawl at a bingo hall in Sutton in the UK. When the younger of the two called the older one ‘a stupid old woman’ in the queue for lunch, instead of letting the remark slide, the older lady retaliated by punching the younger one in the face. Things got so heated that the police were called to calm the situation down.

In Kentucky, USA, another bingo incident led to a young man called Austin Whaley being banned from even saying the word ‘bingo’ for six months. Apparently, Whaley had decided to shout out ‘bingo’ in the middle of a game when he was working as a security guard at a bingo hall, and by doing so spoiled the game for the people actually playing. As he refused to apologise, the police officer called in to deal with the matter arrested Whaley for a breach of the peace, which led to his court case where he received his six-month ban from using the word ‘bingo’.

It’s just as well that bingo exists in an online form these days. Not only does it keep millions of us amused, but it’s also an outlet for those people who have been banned from bingo halls for their bad loser attitudes and behaviour!

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