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Muscle Milk & Protein Shakes

Muscle Milk is an “evolutionary” muscle formula promoting efficient fat burning, lean muscle growth and fast recovery from exercise. Metabolically favorable ingredients stimulate growth and recovery in a similar manner to mother’s milk nourishing a baby.

Muscle Milk Protein Powder is also a great source of L-glutamine, potassium (395mg) and sodium (115mg). Glutamine is a very valuable amino acid found highly concentrated in muscles. During times of high stress, such as very intense workouts or competition, your body uses up the glutamine and you need to replace it. Glutamine increases protein synthesis as well as decreasing muscle breakdown, which can help you recover faster and get back out there to lift more and go harder.

So how does you buy Muscle Milk online compare to other protein supplements? Of course that depends on what you want to take it for. If you are just looking to lose a few pounds, Muscle Milk isn’t likely a great option. Muscle Milk requires two servings per day and that means almost 1300 calories every day. You aren’t going to lose weight with that many extra calories. So be cautious, even with Muscle Milk marketed toward the average dieter, it really isn’t the best weight loss supplement.

Now can it help you build muscle like it also claims? And how does it compare to other protein supplements on the market? Well the answer isn’t great for both questions. Muscle Milk doesn’t include enough key proteins to truly help you build muscle effectively but can easily cause unwanted fat gain, and there are numerous whey protein products available that can and will deliver greater results.

Overall, Muscle Milk is an average protein supplement. It can be used to help increase energy levels but it isn’t an ideal protein supplement. There are several better protein options to purchase on the market for much better results.

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