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Marketing Right at the Source with Point of Purchase Displays

Marketing Right at the Source with Point of Purchase Displays

Most people have seen unique displays in grocery stores, craft stores, and department stores. They’re used to present products in a way that is unique and memorable. Many people will have seen them at various points without being able to identify them by name.

Marketing Displays

Dog food and dog treats are sometimes displayed in grocery stores on structures that look like dog houses. Peanut butter might be presented in something that looks like a giant and hollowed-out peanut butter jar. The jar will have the same branding as the peanut butter products that are being sold. Structures of this kind are usually called point of purchase displays today. They’ve helped a lot of retailers get the attention of customers. 

Display Types

There’s a lot of room for creativity regarding these displays. Most of them are made using relatively simple materials, including cardboard. However, these displays can be much more eye-catching than the products themselves. As long as the displays are designed correctly, they’ll instantly make a powerful visual impression on almost all customers. 

Some of these displays are very simple. They’ll just be angled cardboard structures that are filled with the products that are being advertised and sold. They’ll just have their own shelves, and they won’t be on the standard grocery store shelves. However, those cardboard structures will have related advertisements on them, giving marketers additional opportunities for ad placement. People will see the ads, and the product will be right there for them to access.

Many of these displays are more elaborate. For instance, in a toy store that is selling toy airplanes, people might feel a display that is topped with a cardboard airplane. It won’t have to look as detailed as the planes that are being sold. However, if it’s big enough, it could still attract the attention of a lot of customers. The placement of these sorts of displays can also have a huge impact.

Different Display Locations

The fact that these displays give grocers and other retailers the chance to take their products off of the shelves is already hugely helpful for them. It means that they can use that sort of shelf space for something else. It also automatically draws more attention to the products that have their own structures unrelated to the standard grocery store shelves. 

These kinds of displays are often placed in the aisles in grocery stores. People tend to immediately focus on something that is located near store aisles. These sorts of displays can be more effective because of where they are positioned and when. Retailers have to use the displays at the right time. 

If a particular item is on sale, a display at the point of purchase is perfect. Retailers can even make sure that they have coupons available in that same location. Plenty of items are seasonal, and using these displays just before a particular holiday can also be very useful. Customers may take pictures of the displays with their phones, giving stores free advertising. It’s the sort of marketing that lasts. 

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  1. Interesting article! It can be particularly useful to businesses that are new to the concept of POP displays. The location of the display also matters, as this impacts how many people actually get to see it.

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