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iPhone 5 (5th Generation): Specs and Release Date on 2011 Rumors

iPhone 5 (5th Generation): Specs and Release Date on 2011 Rumors – The iPhone 5 built for 4G is COMING in 2011!!!

The all new iphone 5 release date of October 2011! NEW iPhone 5 or as some call it iPhone 4S review. Lots of speculation is going around on the new iPhone 5… in HD!! It will contain the newest Apple operating system for iPhone, the iOS 5. (Video below).

Verizon Wireless has released a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 and is hoping to land the iphone 5! Also speculated as iphone 4S. Verizon confirms they are making network changes to bring the new iphone to their network. The new iPhone 5 is going to be loaded with awesome new features like video chat on 3g and 4g (no longer restricted to WiFi only), face recognition and extreme downloading. (List of possible features below). Just when you think there is nothing else to come up with, more and more and more technology comes out. And it is on the rise, and not just at Apple, Inc!

This iPhone 5 will be equipped with a speedy dual core A5 chip processor and higher more powerful graphic chips that can deliver higher video resolutions (5-9 times better) and amazing “still” images when taking pictures, AND it will make multi-tasking a lot faster.

There are a few networks attempting to get their 4G network off the ground. T-mobile would be a likely carrier since they are GSM already and have the largest 4g network. Sprint has a 4G network already but is suffering from customer service.

They will definitely have the 3G version of iPhone, but with the new iPhone 5 (4g speeds) coming out, will they compete?! Regardless, there is much anticipation on how many people will leave AT&T for Verizon Wireless because of AT&T’s lagging on app restrictions like Slingplayer and Google Voice and Skype (on 4g network, not Wi-Fi).

iPhone 5 (5th Generation): Specs and Release Date on 2011 Rumors

iPhone 5 (5th Generation): Specs and Release Date on 2011 Rumors

According to some rumors, the iPhone 5 promises a faster mobile internet, better receptions and more enhanced features that will surely make its users satisfied and happy. There were also some speculations that the upcoming iPhone 5 is also much sleeker than the iPhone 4 and even sleeker than Apple’s iPod touch. Well, those Apple aficionados out there must be really excited with this upcoming smartphone and hopes that it will come out as they have expected.

Some of the expected features that most iPhone users are looking forward to include the following:

  • Face Recognition feature
  • Video Chat on 3G and 4G
  • An OLED screen
  • Wireless Sync with Apple’s very popular iTunes
  • Built-in GPS
  • Longer battery life
  • HD audio feature
  • A scratch proof and shock-proof screen

Well, these are just some the most-awaited features that most iPhone users are expecting with this upcoming iPhone 5. But for sure knowing Apple’s reputation of coming out with a product that has been carefully studied detail by detail, the iPhone 5 will surely be loaded with amazing features that will give its users and awesome mobile experience.

In addition to this, there were also some rumors that Verizon Wireless is also currently testing a CDMA version of the iPhone 5 and also confirmed that they are trying to make some network changes in order to bring the said iPhone to their network.

Apple has not yet made any official announcement yet regarding this upcoming smartphone. Details on price, specs and its official release date have not been disclosed at the moment. So let us just wait for more details.

iPhone 5 (5th Generation): Specs and Release Date on 2011 Rumors

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