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Introducing SwimwearBoutique.com

Swimwear Boutique an online store offers latest 2011 swimwear, swimsuits, luxury swimwear, women’s swimwear, bathing suits, junior swimwear, swimwear separates, bathing apparel and accessories. Who we offer fashion forward and exclusive designer swimwear and accessories.

Swimwear Boutique.com is an online fashion forward boutique, offering swim and resort apparel for the sophisticated and informed client. They strive to present a fresh and unique variety of designer swimwear collections, which will provide our clients the opportunity to express their individualism.

Introducing SwimwearBoutique.com

Introducing SwimwearBoutique.com

They envision the continuing metamorphism of swimwear into a lifestyle apparel; far from its humble beginnings as a suit to be worn while in the water. Each year more coordinating apparel finds its place beside the swimsuit. Today one can find a host of wearing apparel made from the same print or design element of the swimsuit. They will continue to position ourselves on the leading edge of this phenomenon.

Their primary focus is swimwear. They continually look for high fashion designers who offer coordinating apparel with their swimsuits. They also look for a variety of designers who will contribute swimwear appealing to a wide palette of feminine interest, proportions and ages. Their offerings are designed for preteens, juniors, contemporary missy, and missy. They will always search for the finest and most exciting collections of swimwear available.

There are a couple of yearly mandatory shopping excursions a girl finds stressful; swimsuit shopping is one of them!!!! Popina is totally dedicated to making it a pleasant experience rather than one to dread. The boutique is fun and vibrant. My first trip to the store was on a First Thursday. My girlfriends and I were offered beers with Bathing Suits on ,throughout the evening but we’re told we can come in any day of the week to try on suits and sip some ice cold Kona (coconut beer, Hawaii, vacation, get it?). They even have cup holders in the fitting rooms so you don’t spill while you’re figuring out which straps go where. I tried on one suit and got a little confused (could’ve been the beer) where my arms went and a lovely woman working helped me out, complimenting me & the suit I had on. Tons of different suits to check out in different styles and all kinds of color. Popina is awesome at being FUN. Not only do they make you feel comfortable and special but it’s a fresh and spirited approach at tackling something many NW girls have long hated: swimsuit season. Maybe they’ll be able to turn swimsuit shopping’s bad reputation around, one PDX woman at a time!


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