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Introducing Scentsy

Introducing Scentsy – I was a skeptic, I will admit it. The price just seemed ridiculous for a candle. It couldn’t possibly be THAT much better than the cheap stuff at Target could it? Well my friend started selling it and she talked me into trying it. I had been complaining to her about how every time I warmed oils or tarts I would get congested. She told me that Scentsy wax was hypoallergenic and made with non-essential oils so it shouldn’t affect me… I tried it out and I will NEVER go back to candles. I love the full sized warmers, they’re GORGEOUS. I have the cherry blossom one in my bedroom and I redecorated…

Introducing Scentsy

Introducing Scentsy

The vast majority of Scentsy talk about the fact that the Scentsy line of products is wickless and smoke-free. This makes it safe for all kids and pets. The lack of smoke does not bother most people because they do not have to clean their draperies because of the soot. The reviewers all mention the vast number of warmers available and the even larger selection of fragrances that can be used in them. A lot of them are surprised that there is no fire in them to warm everything up, but there isn’t! It’s a 25 watt bulb!

Most of the pros listed in the Scentsy can be summed up by the following: they are very long lasting. Some say longer than several cans of home product air fresheners. They are stylish. There are styles that will go with any décor and some fairly high-tech looks, as well. They are safe, since they do not have a flame for a child or pet to knock over and start a fire. They are highly scented and since there is something for everyone’s taste, the presence of the Scentsy warmer can be moved from room to room without a lot of trouble.

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